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Rapid Prototyping Guideline[edit | edit source]

You are now ready to prepare your first Rapid Prototyping plan!

Use this step-by-step guideto help critique and design Rapid Prototyping plans.

Design Scenario[edit | edit source]

In this scenario, Sarah the Designer is developing an online nutrition course for the Boy Scouts of America. The youth group requires very effective instruction and offers a vast amount of resources and support for Sarah. She has been given a content-packet and interviews with Boy Scout nutrition Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Her instruction is scheduled to go live in four months.

After reviewing her scenario, Sarah realizes that her scoring system has too many loose-ends and holes. In addition, while attempting to write dialogue between three players, she learns that her scoring system can be easily abused, thereby ruining any chance at learning gains.

Review Sarah's Rapid Prototyping Plan.

Using the guidelines provided above, critique the designer's use of Rapid Prototyping throughout her design process in this thread. Include with your critique of the designer's plan any recommendations you would make.

Your Design Challenge[edit | edit source]

Congratulations on the big job! You've just been promoted to Senior Instructional Designer at your firm, and your first project has already come across your desk!

The executive board has just signed a large contract with Coca-Cola, agreeing to provide training for the next ten years to its bottling-plant employees. You are in charge of providing effective, efficient, and appealing training to the Coca-Cola employees.

To begin, your team has identified a pre-existing online workplace safety course that is outdated. After a quick analysis of the course, your team determines that the course's structure needs to be completely redesigned. Management has indicated that new course should allow the learners more control over the pace and sequencing of the course content.

As you will be designing this course structure from the ground-up, implement a rapid prototyping plan to determine the most effective navigation and organization structure.

This course should be live within a month, so you realistically need to have the first prototype done within a week. You have four members on your team: yourself, a graphic designer, a programmer, and another instructional designer. Management says they will pay for test subjects if needed. You also have standard office supplies available, including use of a desktop computer with the Microsoft Office Suite installed.

Using the guidelines provided above, create a detailed design plan in this forum. Be sure to list specific methods and expected results. When you are finished, review the other responses and critique them just as you did in the example above.

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