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Origins of Buddhism and the Basic Concepts of Culture[edit | edit source]

A systematic knowledge on the early period of Buddhist civilization is expected with special emphasis on the topics given below :

  • Buddhist critique of its religio-philosophic environment
  • Special Characteristics of the life of the Buddha
  • Fundamental teachings of Buddhism :

- The Buddhist theory pertaining to the nature of sentient being; - the true nature if empirical exsistence according to Buddhism; - Buddhist analysis of perception , mind and matter; - the Buddhist teaching on Critical outlook , universal love , adaptability, Democratic nature.

  • Social, political and economic thought in Buddhism

Recommended Reading:[edit | edit source]

  • Studies in the Origin of Buddhism , G.C. Pande , Delhi ,1983
  • Buddhist Thought in India, E.Conze , London , 1982
  • A Theory of Causality in Early Buddhism , W.S. Karunaratne , Colombo , 1988
  • Buddhist Philosophy: A Historical Analysis , D.J. Kalupahana, Honolulu , 1976