Brezhoneg Unan/Lesson 1/Saludiñ

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Greetings[edit | edit source]

Brezhoneg English
Demat ! Good day!
Demat dit ! Good day to you!
Mintin vat ! Good morning!
Nozvezh vat ! Good evening!

Goodbyes[edit | edit source]

Brezhoneg English
Kenavo ! (short for : Ken a vo ar wech all !) Goodbye! (lit.: “Until will be the next time!”)
Kenavo d’an holl ! Goodbye (pl.) all!
Noz vat ! Good night!
Noz vat deoc’h-c’hwi holl ! Good night to you all!
Sell ! Diwezhat eo bremañ. Look! It’s late now.
Ret eo din mont bremañ. I must go now.

Courtesy[edit | edit source]

Brezhoneg English
Brav eo an amzer The weather is fine
Penaos emañ ar bed ganeoc’h ? How are you? (Lit.: “How is the world with you?”)
Mat-kenañ ! Very fine!
Mat a-walc’h. Well enough. / Okay.
Dreist ! Brutal ! Grand! / Excellent!
Splann ! Fine! / Splendid!
Trugarez / Mil bennozh / Mersi. Thank you.
Ha te ? And you?

Exercises[edit | edit source]

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