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E ker / In town[edit | edit source]

Brezhoneg English
Mond a ran e ker war velo. I go to town biking (on a bike).
Braz eo ker
Dañjerus e vez ar ruioù.
The town is large
The streets are dangerous.
Kalz a otoioù a zo e ker.
Taolomp evezh !
There a re a lot of cars in town.
Let's be careful !
Gwelloc'h eo diskenn.
Deomp war droad !
It's better to climb down.
Let's walk !

News from town for my love who stayed home[edit | edit source]

Excerpt from a song by Nolwenn Korbell

Brezhoneg English
O vale 'n ur gêr vras pell deus ar gêr. Walking in a big town far from home.
O kerzhout 'touez an dud trouzus 'vel yer. Among people noisy as hens.
O c'hortoz 'lakfe 'n den e zilhad gwer. Waiting for the man to put his green clothes.
O treuziñ straedoù ledan 'vel kant stêr Crossing streets large as hundred rivers
Ne sonjan nemet ennoc'h, ne sonjan nemet ennoc'h. I only think of you, I only think of you.


O c'hortoz 'lakfe 'n den e zilhad gwer.

Exercises[edit | edit source]

Ex 1 : Quiz[edit | edit source]

Go to the Quiz.

Ex 2 : Memory training[edit | edit source]

Write out the Breton words, section by section.

Have 2 columns, clearly separated, and write Breton and English. Then cover up one column (eg. English) with paper and write the corresponding words on the paper. Then try it the other way round, cover up the Breton, and write out the words using the English as cues. This will be a little bit more difficult.

Repeat all this after an interval, the more you do it the easier you will remember the words.