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Krennlavaroù / Proverbs

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Brezhoneg English
Aesoc'h eo dimeziñ eget sevel ti. It is easier to marry than to build the house. (ie. than to face the reality)
Ar gwellañ bara da zebriñ
A vez gounezet o c'hwezhiñ.
The best bread to eat
Is earned by sweating.
An hini a heuilh chas a bak c'hwen. The one that follows dogs will get flea.
An danvez dastumet gant ar rastell,
a yelo buan gant an avel.
Riches gathered with a fork (in big quantities),
Will go away fast with the wind (are spent fast).
Gant ar pezh a vez e vez graet an eured. With what's in store is done the wedding.
Tud fallakr, abred pe ziwezhat,
O devezo greun diwar o had.
Bad people, sooner or later,
Will get grain from their seed.


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Ex 1 : Quiz

[edit | edit source]

Go to the Quiz.

Ex 2 : Memory training

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Write out the Breton words, section by section.

Have 2 columns, clearly separated, and write Breton and English. Then cover up one column (eg. English) with paper and write the corresponding words on the paper. Then try it the other way round, cover up the Breton, and write out the words using the English as cues. This will be a little bit more difficult.

Repeat all this after an interval, the more you do it the easier you will remember the words.