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Collect and categorize sources regarding Boubaker polynomials on this page. The original list here was taken from a 2011 version of the top-level resource. At this point, only a very few later papers, after 2011, have been added here.

There is a subpage for a sort of sources by date: /by date.

A search on Google scholar for publications on "Boubaker polynomials" since 2012 comes up with 296 results.[1]

Peer-reviewed papers[edit | edit source]

With Boubaker as author or co-author[edit | edit source]

Authors not Boubaker[edit | edit source]

Books and encyclopedias[edit | edit source]

  • Encyclopedia of Physics Research, 2011, Eds. Nancy B. Devins and Jillian P. Ramos.[2] "Cryogenics Vessels Thermal Profiling Using the Boubaker Polynomials Expansion Scheme Investigation," Da Hong Zhang, South China University, Guangzhou, P.R. China

Media sources[edit | edit source]

The following are believed to have existed at one time.

  • "De Khawarizmi à Euler," La Presse Magazine, January 9, 2008 [3] also In French. Links now dead. However, there is internet archive on the page: [4]. The text re Boubaker, it is a book review. Google translation:
The loneliness of the mathematician was prefaced by a medical physics genius, Mahmoud Karem Abubaker, who somehow broke with 22 polynomials divided and classified since Khawarizmi in the year 830, joining them and outperforming by which he agreed to call now and since 14 April 2007, Boubaker polynomials. Here's what he wrote:
"I have read and reread this book Jamel Ghannouchi. I put myself in the shoes of the ordinary reader and in that of the connoisseur, and finally in that of academic researcher ... and with each reading, I felt more and more concerned and delighted. Who among us does not have a small intimate story with numbers, with mathematics? Who among us has not been mystified, one day, these Babylonians and the Arab pioneers are Khwarizmi and al-Kashi?
This is a passing mention, probably not adequate for encyclopedia notability evidence. It does give a date of 14 April 2007 for assigning the name "Boubaker" to the class of polynomials. We may compare this with other sources.
  • "Le polynôme de Boubaker," La Presse Magazine, April 22, 2007 issue 1019, page 6 [5] In French. Dead link, not archived. Home page: [6].
This would not be a passing mention, from the title. There is a blog, in French, referring to it.[7].

Peer-reviewed wikis[edit | edit source]

Discussion on PlanetMath, 2009, objections to publication of Boubaker polynomials

Normally, wikis are not reliable source for the encyclopedia projects. However, PlanetMath and OEIS are peer-reviewed. (Mathworld is essentially one person.) w:Wikipedia:Notability (numbers)#Notability of sequences of numbers guideline has this:

Have professional mathematicians published papers about this sequence, or chapters in a book, or an entire book about this sequence?
Do w:MathWorld and w:PlanetMath have articles about this sequence?
Is this sequence listed in the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)?
Is there at least one commonly accepted name for this sequence?
An affirmative answer to these four questions indicates that this sequence is notable for Wikipedia to have an article about it.