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Boubaker polynomials were first expressed, as such, in a study of the heat equation.

Boubaker, K., et al. "Enhancement of pyrolysis spray disposal performance using thermal time-response to precursor uniform deposition." The European Physical Journal Applied Physics (EPJ AP) 37.01 (2007): 105-109 (Received May 9 2006) (Accepted October 12 2006) (Online publication January 26 2007).

They were not given that name, there. They were defined, however. The definition set up the first set of Boubaker polynomials.

Then this paper, published later in 2007, provide a modified definition.

Boubaker, Karem. "On modified Boubaker polynomials: some differential and analytical properties of the new polynomials issued from an attempt for solving bi-varied heat equation." Trends in Applied Sciences Research 2.6 (2007): 540-544.

The polynomials as shown in our resource are the unmodified Boubaker polynomials, by the original definition.

Another 2007 paper covers the modification:

Recently, the m-Boubaker polynomials (modified Boubaker polynomials) have been defined as an ameliorated form that was more appropriated for defining a characteristic differential equation[4] .The Boubaker polynomials are already registered under their final form[5].

Note 4 was a reference to the TASR paper. Note 5 puzzled me.

[5] OTPDA, Les Polynômes de Boubaker. Dépôt légal N°: 21-01-04-04-2007.Tunisia

It's Tunisian copyright registration,[1]. Organisme Tunisien de la Protection des Droits d'Auteurs.

Boubaker sent me copies of a number of papers:

  • Dada et al (2008)
  • Zhang and Li (2009)
  • Agida and Kumar (2010)
  • Dubey (2010)
  • Zhang and Naing (2010).pdf
  • Milgram (2011)
  • Rahmanov (2011)
  • Zhang (2011)
  • Akkaya and Yalcinbas (2012)
  • Milovanovic and Joksimovic (2012)
  • Moller and Govender (2012)
  • Yalcinbas and Akkaya (2012)
  • Akkaya et al (2013)
  • Milovanovic and Joksimovic (2013)
  • Barry (2013)
  • Emetere (2013)
  • Doha et al (2014)
  • Kim (2014)
  • Kafash and Delavarkhalafi (2015)

He also sent me his resume, a list of publications, and the original 2007 (submitted 2006) paper (Enhancement of pyrolysis spray performance).