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Welcome to the Bloom Clock, Wikiversity's oldest research project! The Bloom Clock serves 3 related functions:

  1. Developing a database of when plants bloom in any given geographical region.
  2. Helping to teach users about plants, by allowing them to visually identify flowers they saw blooming on a given day
  3. Serving as an organizing point for the improvement of wikimedia content (Wikipedia articles, Wiktionary definitions, Commons galleries, Wikibooks chapters, etc.)

How to participate[edit | edit source]

There are a number of ways to participate, appropriate for all knowledge levels regarding both plants and the use of wikis.

  1. Users with little knowledge about plants (or even users who know a lot about them, but don't know every plant) can browse by color, form, and season using the Keys. If the plant you saw isn't on the appropriate list (and you have a photo), try using the Unknown plants page.
  2. Users with a solid knowledge of plants can help identify images on the Unknown plants page, and log plants they've seen blooming either on the Log pages or the text list for the current clock run.
  3. Users with wiki-editing skills can help create Log pages and keep the Keys up-to-date.