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Using bcp3

From the text list page (using the links created by {{bcp}}) :

  1. Follow link to commons, pick best available image (should show details of the flowers). If there is no image available, either:
    1. Upload an image
    2. leave the image and description variables blank
  2. Follow the link to "log page", and add {{subst:bcp3|<Scientific name>|<Common Name(s)>|<Imagename>|<Imagecaption>}}
    (Reminder: if there is no image available, just add the scientific name and the common name. The template will automatically add a "no image available" signal and categorize the page as lacking an image).
    Note: do not include the "Image:" prefix
  3. Save, then follow the instructions for log page creation on the top of the page.
    1. If archiving signatures from a text-based clock page, add these to the recent (and/or archived) logs section.
    2. If there are no signatures to archive and you wish to log the plant, just add *~~~~ under "recent logs"
  4. Return to the plant page, and open edit window
    1. Remove all text lines above the section break line (----)
    2. Change {{bcp-u}} to {{bcp-s}} (for a species), {{bcp-g}} (for a genus), or {{bcp-v}} (for a cultivar or variety)
    3. Set the general categories
    4. Add regional categories, as appropriate
    5. Add month templates to applicable regions
    6. Add identifying characteristics (add whatever you know)
    7. Press save
  5. Return to the text log page, and edit the section
    1. If there are signatures to be archive, make sure to add them to the log
    2. change {{bcp}} to {{bcp+}}