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The Keys are the first "results" of the Bloom Clock, which transform the data collected in any particular region into a series of dichotomous keys for that region. These keys are created using DynamicPageList, which creates lists of pages using combinations of categories.

The first step in creating these keys is to make sure that any plants that were logged as blooming in a particular region at a particluar time are categorized as blooming at that time and in that place. These categories are added to the pages in the BCP namespace (not on the signatures subpage, that won't work).

The second step is to create the main key page and it's DPL subpage.

  • For an example of a blank key page, see here
  • Then the corresponding DPL page here

The DPL page will then automatically generate a list like this one. Here's how to create the list:

  1. Copy that list (from the resource page, not the edit window), and paste it onto the key page like this.
  2. Then, add brackets and colons to the page like this (copy/paste is easier if you just add the brackets and colons to the beginning of each line, even though it might look a bit strange on the edit window).