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The very start of the creation process for 3D graphics is the model. You could start elsewhere, but it with out the models to test things like lights and camera position the efforts wouldn't be very helpful. For now well focus on the UI, and modeling. Assuming you have read the tutorials, you know Blender is very heavy on keyboard shortcuts. This organization is for speeding up the work. It is not that unusual that time much more time seems to have gone by while you're working, and you look at the clock to see that it hasn't. Importantly, there is no real substitute for memorizing these keyboard shortcuts.

The purpose of this unit is to examine the different modeling tools blender has to offer, and for the instructor to iron out any problems that arise in the first week. (software issues, UI user mistakes, etc...)

In Class Assignment

Open Blender
Duplicate the default cube about 20 times, and put each cube in a different space on screen.
Click on a cube, enter edit mode.
Use the special menu (w key) and apply one of the options to the cube.
Exit edit mode, select different cube, repeat with different selection from special menu.
Write down what each option does to the cube, and which options complement each other. Skip the last 3 options.
Experiment with mesh tools in edit mode (buttons window F9)