Biogeochemical Selectiveness of Cedars Over Metamorphic Rocks of the Escambray Complex, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba/Conclusions

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These results show the effectiveness of the biogeochemical method over the soil sampling method, which is the main geochemical method, used in this area for the survey of pyrite-copper ore bodies. Since the biogeochemical sampling is more effective, faster, less difficult to do, and it reduces the overall quantity of samples to be collected, it will be appropriate to gradually introduce this method in the area. Doing so, it should be remember that other experimental studies should be done, to obtain better results and to improve the general quality of the interpretation.

According to the results from table 25, the best parts of the Cedars to be sampled are the ends of young branches. However the flowers and the leaves give better results than the soil sampling. It is also possible to make a compound sample of branches, flowers and leaves.

These results are compatible with the general theory about biogeochemical sampling, and are also a demonstration of the effectiveness of biogeochemical samplings in tropical countries.