Big bang/a critique of Big Bang & Co.

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(Review Paper) Cited in Big bang/a critique of Big Bang & Co.

Möbius strip, infinite space?[edit | edit source]

The Big Bang theory requires the universe to expand. There are no lengthwise boundaries on a Möbius strip although the width is limited. The Möbius strip helps to explain how the universe is able to expand by looking at it as a balloon. If the Möbius strip is thought of as a balloon then the width boundary would be eliminated[1].

Methods[edit | edit source]

The Möbius strip can be a useful tool to help explain universe expansion in reference to the Big Bang theory.

Results[edit | edit source]

The Möbius strip is limited in its explanation of universe expansion due to its finite width. By comparing The Möbius strip to a balloon, universe expansion is all the more realistic as width is then infinite.

References[edit | edit source]

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