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A BIBLICAL PSYCHOLOGY[edit | edit source]

Lesson 1: Positive Disintegration <> “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies …” (John 12:24)

INTRODUCTION: This Lesson will present you with a theory of soul / psyche which matches up more closely with the Story of Job* and the psychological growth of Biblical Exemplars** than any other theory of Modern Psychology.

  • Chronologically, “Job” was the first written book of the Bible.
    • i.e. Jacob, David, Moses, Paul

PURPOSE: This Lesson will... 1) Introduce Kazmierz Dabrowski, author of the Theory of Positive Disintegration; Note: The Editor will, from Lesson 2 on, attempt a virtually seamless transition to [an overtly biblical] Psychology entitled “Creative Disintegration”;2) Introduce, as Psychology, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies …” (John 12:24);3) Introduce the role of conflict in the developmental process;4) Offer both a cryptic contrast of “Biblical Psychology” to Freudand a comparison with Jung.

LEARNING HINTS: As you read the Sources, look for the following: 1) A sense of both the person and the achievement of Professor Dabrowski; 2) An initial grasp of the essence of both "Unless a grain of wheat … ” and "Over-excitability"; 3) A sense of the role of conflict in the developmental process; 4) An initial "handle" on: a) Freud <> A Biblical Psychology contrast;

    b) Jung <> A Biblical Psychology similarities.


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