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If you have ever needed a Bible, you must have asked yourself the question: "Which Bible is right for me?" This guide will help you decide based on your needs.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

First, understand that there are over 500 translations of the Bible, so this guide obviously will not be complete. If you do know of a translation I should include put it on the talk page and we can discuss it. May God bless this guide!

How am I reading?[edit | edit source]

The first question you should ask yourself is how you'll be reading your new Bible. Are you new to Christianity? Then you should go with a simpler modern translation. Are you a Christian who understands the surface Bible and wants to study in a deeper sense? Go with a Bible with formal equivalence like the King James Version. A balance between these two could be the New International Version, which balances formal and dynamic equivalence. You obviously also need to take your beliefs into account as well.

What do I believe?[edit | edit source]

Bibles vary between different sects and denominations. Some churches, like the Catholic church, approve Bibles for use by the church. If you are a Catholic you may like the New American Bible, Revised Standard Version, or Jerusalem Bible. The King James Bible and New King James Version omit the deuterocanonical books, so Protestants would prefer this Bible. The Eastern Orthodox has its own translation of the Bible, and Mormons use the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible, so they may find it necessary to get a Bible containing both.