Beginners Music Theory/Other Stringed Instruments

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Other stringed instruments[edit | edit source]

(With the exception of harp)

0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Finger identifications:
0 = open string (no finger used)
1 = index
2 = middle
3 = ring
4 = little

+ = Thumb = (cello/bass) Thumb position

Note that the bass does not use 3 (ring finger) until moving up to thumb position, which means that bassists can only finger 3 notes before needing to shift, unlike other string instruments which can finger 4 notes before shifting

On violin/viola/cello, the distance between two fingers can be either a whole step or a half step, but on bass (below thumb position) the space between the fingers is always a half step (1-2 is a half step, and 2-4 is a half step)

In thumb position, the pinky is not used, only the thumb, index, middle and ring are used