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Basic Television Analysis is much more than just a look at the TV. TV is a form of life for most people around the world. So, we must look at very very clearly and open-minded about TV and Consent. Shows on the TV are more and more driven by a malign of quality and absent of real worthy news. Trash TV should seen as Zeitgeist only, but must be declared as something as lasting in certain circles of Industry and Viewer. Analysis should alway be open to opinion and to degree must be open to recall the action of TV Makers and the Rulers of today's TV. We see as a whole the world shrink on the TV, frustratingly always to the homogeneity of the low base of entertainment in today's TV World. More and More to the Viewer's delight comes light-entertainment to the fore. Also we have to be very clear about facts and believability of fact we consume on a daily base. Something has to be done, something has to be done. Many viewers see TV Analysis only as one asset to go after the loved TV Stations, but on the other hand TV was and is open to pen and steel. Many people should watch out carefully for signs of bias in our TV Learnigroom. Bias is something when people decide what is actually good for you, but not it is not the whole picture. So, be warned about some small changes over time on your screens.

As, we more and more see our TV as an art of natural life, it should be open to reclamation to the viewership. Many people often wonder as something, like our TV could end-up as playing ball between Politics and Opinion. Opinion on the one thing seen as good, but on the other thing, as Analysis shows should turned into something which people can relate, meaning again the whole picture is smaller on our minds than in the real world. This filter does indeed infiltrate the Analysis process as some have mentioned over the years. The TV is a medium to many medium's in our own world, but it should be our medium of choice, when it comes to news and clear opinion. Sadly, the world's many executives of the station's don't think about open and a realistic approach between what really need to know exists, and what need their is to be open for our own good. Media Analysis has always evidenced some open debate on TV, but lately it get's more and more one-sided. We've said earlier that many people think we should see the TV and some other form of Media in our natural life incl. TV over the Internet, but the problem of open debate persists, as many observers must now be more careful to interact on what is right on the news, or right on the money of the producer. Even as TV Analysis gets going in a way for people to think more and more about the World around them, the TV with some responsibility to the viewer should be trusted in hindsight, also trust should remain on the more cautious side in our household.

From household to household, TV analysis should be taken up by every member of the planet. We should look to create an open concept and understanding to TV and Internet in relation to each other. Opinion should always stand up to its open concept, and should be unbiased, with a view for open consent to every member in a household or community. TV plays a rightfull role in informing people of News, but creates also content which should be very open handed an viewed.

As ever it more and more depends what people actually give or take to inform them. Opinion shapes the whole universe of media basis television analysis. We should also take here in our account the levels of education of the individual user of media. Like many other have stated way before this assertion, it is only one of the big challenges to analyse the whole system of TV interogation. Some might say the TV owns us, but in this view it would be better to control the whole analysis point as one, as it is. Here is the one and only question we should take for granted in this context. Can the TV the salvation in terms of knowledge or should we give in to the temptation and take our brains into other media? Many many people say it all over again this should be not taken too lightly by the TV consumer. This is the future challenge to all of us. Media is the whole spectrum but we should not forget the TV as a medium to inform us on a base which should always open and sincere. But here many people see the TV only as entertainment in der lives instead as what the TV and the whole term of analysis should stand, that the whole TV experience should be stated and thought out as controlled knowledge existence. For all the hype of other forms of entertainment and media, here once again when is the time to view world events or even opinion, here is the solution for many people to view the TV as the newsbroker in their lives and build the TV around this whole world of media consumption.

Media consumption and Media Analysis are two separate entities in their field but should sometimes seen in one whole point, as consumption reigns the Analysis in their whole field. The Viewer as modern slave to consumption in the terms of analysis should be seen as a gods end to the whole picture in terms of many many assertion, that the viewer decides what is actually analyzed. TV Analysis sits very comfortable in reign of the whole analysis picture in the whole media spectrum, but we say always the TV should be taken seriously here, could this the spell of many viewers to switch in the version of TV analysis for their own good? Media opinion should taken into account of every educated TV or media individual in person or in groups as many of us show the biggest interest often seen as opinion TV instead of real news TV. Once again is the only question we should ask: Can as the TV deliver the notion we actually search in the greater relationship to information or should we see the TV as an instrument of panic in times when opinion counts from many other sources than the TV news? Many people clearly think about many scenarios on TV after reading this. Here were all think about the challenge ahead when were next time in the whole media universe and read an article in our papers of the media in a way to digest the whole picture and certainly true picture about news we have embraced in TV or Internet video. TV Analysis should alway take into account the standpoint of viewers and the form of news or entertainment we choose. Once is for sure that people have a real choice of what the want and when the wanted. Your Choice to think or to let entertain! Clearly many people see the whole TV experience in their opinion as an very very positive tool to gym the educational mind in a way the other solutions in media terms cannot full deliver. It should not be forgotten that people on their own choose the TV or any other media outlet. Choice is something which can be seen in TV and in Media analysis as a whole picture. Here in many minds the picture of understanding the whole experience is the solution for the viewer to go for a quick fix in terms of entertainment or the 24h news cycle. Cycle after cycle of todays TV and analysis in reignd by elements we are actually not choose in term of TV freedom, because the real analysis gives us only a picture on many choosings as the real viewer likes to really choose, we should not or never forget that. The real analysis shows as in clear terms what people see, what is in real terms delivered to them by the networks.

TV analysis can be seen as a real asset by many users of the results of the analysis keeping always in our minds that it is really only a very small spectrum of the media landscape. We should not forget the term for TOTAL MEDIA ANALYSIS. This term comes close to what goes on in the whole TV plus media universe. This formula should be held to account for real thinker in the 21st century. As always many people see the whole analysis process as to narrow minded, and you know, what is actually is! When we speak in total terms we speak about many factors thaat are relevant to TV and media consumers. So let as say here Mr. W watches TV! But what? Afterwards he reads a newspaper! But what and why? Can the TV seen here in this dialog as complimentary or as something really different in terms the Newspaper has dramatically different content in it then the TV material he has just watched? TV + Newspaper = Supplement each other in terms to shape the opinion and give an indeed bigger picture! But what about the owner of the TV network and the newspaper? Has the viewer been duped or replicated because the sources and delivery of the educational news content was indeed the same! What says the TV analysis about that? Mr. W could now go into the Internet to go further on the story and broaden his mind, but it is possible that this factor narrows his own opinion? You see, the TV Media analysis should be always be total in terms of inclusion of the whole picture form person to person, instead from one study to one study!

As always people should be advised to think before they switch on the television channel of their choice. This thinking should include the analysis of what you will see, hear and what you let into your personal space of TV Analysis. The time when we all could go easy on tv is now over, in the terms of bias and uncontrolled recklessness in fairness to the viewer. As we have seen many many times in history, here should be a new debate about what you see and hear in the TV news of today and what is really going on in our world named earth. Many many decider of what we should see and hear on a regular daily basis keep us ill informed. We must decide what is good and what isn't but on the other hand is the internet not already in a permanent state of bias even when we talk about blogs. TV and Internet should naturally be seen as a medium in which people find it easy to navigate their wants in terms of exposure to media and news but the awareness of bias should be high on the agenda in the terms of personal tv analysis. Our thinking should always be open to debate and views and against narrow interest of the media outlets. People should take up the cause to be open-minded and responsible in analysis their state of mind to the tv behavior of ours.

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