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This is a project page for sharing information and experiences about walking and running barefoot, and also minimalist running (i.e., using minimalist footwear). There are lots of excellent resources on the web, so have a look at:

  1. Living barefoot
  2. Minimalist Runner - Barefoot, Huaraches, FiveFingers... (Google Group)
  3. Barefoot Ted's Adventures (blog)

How to begin[edit]

Barefoot in Berlin.JPG
  1. Go slowly, gradually
  2. Listen to your body
  3. Relax your body
  4. Read some "how tos"
    1. To run better, start by ditching your Nikes (Wired Science, 2009)
    2. BFT's barefoot running basics
    3. Barefoot running basics: Transitioning and shoes
    4. How to start barefoot hiking (WikiHow)
    5. How to start running barefoot
  1. Do a little bit each day, but rest for some days if you need to - it will take your feet time to adjust - start off around the house, then around the yard, then around the block, then start tackling bigger barefoot adventures


  1. The human body is built for distance (New York Times, 2009)
  2. Learning to walk

Minimalist footwear[edit]

Vibram five finger shoes
  1. Vivobarefoot
  2. Birthday shoes
  3. Huaraches Running Sandals

Barefoot running video[edit]


  1. Make a video (or some other media) of yourself barefoot running - style, length etc. is up to you. It is important for the video to be authentic - the goal is simply to share your barefoot running experience (whatever shape, form, size, way, place) with others (and thereby also help to share knowledge and foster relationships with a worldwide network of barefoot runners - and to inform and inspire others!)
  2. Upload the video and embed or post a link to the video here
  3. Share and discuss with others

Please post a link to your barefoot running video (or other media) here]]



  1. Exuberant animal: The power of health, play and joyful movement (by Frank Forencich, 2006)
  2. Born to run (by Christopher MacDougall, 2009)

See also[edit]

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