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Equations in chemistry : When two or more reactants react together chemically to produce products then this reaction is called a chemical equation. Eg : NaOH(base) + HCl(acid) --> NaCl(common table salt) + H2O(water) Types of reactions : 1) Combination reactions - When two or more elements or compounds react with each other to form fewer compounds then started is called a combination reaction Eg : 2Mg + O2 ---> 2MgO

2)Decomposition reactions : When only 1 reactant either is heated or electricity is made to pass through it to form two or more products then the reaction is called decomposition reaction. Eg : 2NaCl (on heating) ---> 2Na + Cl2

3)Displacement reactions : When two reactants react such that one ion/radical gets exchanged with another to form a product then the reaction is a single displacement reaction. Eg : Zn + H2SO4 ---> ZnSO4 + H2

i)Double displacement reaction : When two reactants react with eachother such that 2 ions/radicals get exchanged with eachother then the reaction is double displacement reaction Eg : AgNO3 + NaCl ---> AgCl + NaNO3

4)neutralization reaction:An acid reacts with base,in which characteristics properties of both of them are destroyed or neutralized to give salt and water.such reaction is called neutralization reaction.this reation is simply expressed as, acid+base ---> salt+water for Eg:NaOH+HCL ---> NaCL+H2O