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Hieracium aurantiaca

Hieracium aurantiacum Saarland 07.jpg

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Profile for Hieracium aurantiaca (Orange Hawkweed)
Identifying Characteristics
Flowers:Central disk with outside rays (like a dandelion). Similar to other Hieracium, but flower is deep orange.
Foliage:Basal rosette of elliptical to lanceolate leaves 5–20 cm long and 1–3 cm broad.
Stem:The stem and leaves are covered with short stiff hairs (trichomes), usually blackish in color. The stems may reach a height of 60 cm and have 2–25 capitula (flowerheads), each 1–2½ cm diameter, bundled together at the end of short pedicels.
Similar Plants:H. pratense
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Global data:

Regional data:
New Hampshire: (invasive or naturalized) May, June

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