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Cornus canadensis

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Profile for Cornus canadensis (Common bunchberry)
Identifying Characteristics
Habit:herbaceous sub-shrub
Flowers:Tiny flowers a few millimeters across that form an inflorescence at the center of four white, petal-like bracts 3-4 cm diameter.
Foliage:The leaves are oppositely arranged on the stem, but are clustered with six leaves that often seem to be in a whorl because the internodes are compressed.
Stem:The vertically produced above ground stems are slender and unbranched.
Fruit:Bright red berries form in a single tight cluster above the foliage.
Life Cycle: perennial
Recent Logs[edit | edit source]

Global data:

Regional data:
New Hampshire: May, June

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This page is a profile for the plant species Cornus canadensis, used to collect records of where and when this plant was observed blooming, and for providing identification information for use in dichotomous keys. If you would like to help collect data for this or other plants, see Bloom clock project/How to Contribute for orientation.