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Unified Communications Management Prerequisites[edit]

  • There are a few very important prerequisite steps that you must perform PRIOR to installation of any UCM Product. Each of the UCM Products (EPM, VPFM, NRM, etc.) incorporates the UCM Common Services (UCM-CS) and the following steps will ensure successful installation and operation.
  • Failure to perform these steps can cause the installation to take an extended period of time and then fail. When this occurs and uninstallation and manual cleanup of directories prior to re-installation must be performed so it’s preferable to perform these steps correctly the first time.

  1. Register and Download License to the Server
  2. Configure the Fully Qualified Domain Name on the Server
  3. Validate that the Server can Resolve it’s Own Fully Qualified Domain Name
  4. Download and Install the Latest JRE
  5. Launch the installer from a simple directory with no space in the path name.

Register and Download License to the Server[edit]

A trial license will be needed to install and use the UCM Products. When a trial license is generated and downloaded from the Nortel Trial Licensing Website it will contain licenses for EPM, VPFM, and NRM in the same license file. Therefore it is only necessary to generate a single license file for use with all these UCM Products. Anyone may register, download, and generate a 60 day evaluation license for UCM Products at the following URLs:

UCM Products EPM 5.1, NRM 2.1, and VPFM 2.0 may be installed on the same Operating System on a single server. In this case a single trial license should be generated which will activate all three products for the trial.

Directory location

It is recommended to create a simple directory on your server to store the license.

Windows Server Example: C:\ucmlicenses\triallicense.lic
Linux Server Example: /root/triallicense.lic

You will be asked to locate this file on your server at the beginning of the installation process. If you are installing all three products EPM 5.1, NRM 2.1, and VPFM 2.0 on the same server then you should use the same 60 day trial license file for all thre products. If you are installing each product on a separate physical or virtual server then you should generate a trial license for each server.

Configure the Fully Qualified Domain Name on the Server[edit]

Configuring Name Space

Windows Server (2003 and 2008):

During the installation of your server, a simple servername will be configured such as UCMSERVER01 as the Windows Server installation process does not ask for a DNS domain name. UCM Products require the configuration of a fully qualified domain name for the server. Example: UCMSERVER01.norteldemo.com

Validate that the Server can Resolve it’s Own Fully Qualified Domain Name[edit]

Download and Install the Latest JRE[edit]

Post Installation Notes[edit]

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