Avaya Task Training/ERS-5500/Resetting Passwords

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Password unknown[edit]

This procedure will assist you in resetting the switch to factory defaults, erase the configuration and reset the passwords.

  1. Console into the switch
  2. Power down the switch
  3. During the power on self test press ctrl-c

Menu displays on terminal[edit]

 >> Break Recognized - Wait..
 Press 'a' to run Agent code
 Press 'c' to run Cascade ext loopback
 Press 'd' to Download agent code
 Press 'e' to display Errors
Press 'i' to Initialize config/log flash
Press 'r' to Receive cascade test packets
Press 's' to Send cascade test packets

  1. Press “i” to Initialize config/log flash <enter>
  2. Press “y” to erase
  3. Press “a” to run Agent code

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