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Two (2) types of VLANs can be created

  • Port-base VLANs
  • Protocol-base VLANs


Port bases VLANs or sometimes called Layer-1 VLAN because it is assigned to the physical port

vlan create <VLAN# 1-4094> [name <acsii-word>] type <VLAN-Type> [<Spanning Tree# 1-8>]}

Configuration changes are made from the configuration prompt.

Configuration prompt

Test-Switch1> enable
Test-Switch1# config t


config t
vlan create 999 name blackhole type port 1 - or;
vlan create 999 type port 1 - optional VLAN name label is not used - or;
vlan create 999 type port - no VLAN label and the default spanning tree is used


The following are protocol based VLANs:

  • protocol-ipEther2
  • protocol-ipx802.3
  • protocolipx802.2
  • protocol-ipxSnap
  • protocol-ipxEther2
  • protocol-decEther2
  • protocol-snaEther2
  • protocol-Netbios
  • protocol-xnsEther2
  • protocol-vinesEther2
  • protocol-ipv6Ether2
  • protocol-Userdef <4096-65534>
  • protocol-RarpEther2

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