Automotive Technology/Instrument Cluster and Driver Information Systems Diagnosis and Repair

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  1. Diagnose the cause of intermittent, dim, no lights, continuous operation, or no brightness control of instrument lighting circuits; determine needed repairs.
  2. Inspect, test, repair and/or replace switches, relays, bulbs, LEDs, sockets, connectors, wires, and controllers of instrument lighting circuits.
  3. Diagnose the cause of high, low, intermittent, or no readings on electronic instrument cluster gauges; determine needed repairs.
  4. Diagnose the cause of constant, intermittent, or no operation of warning lights, indicator lights, audible warning devices, and other driver information systems; deter-mine needed repairs.
  5. Inspect, test, repair and/or replace bulbs, sockets, connectors, switches, relays, sensors, timers, wires, gauges, sending units, sensors, electronic components, and controllers of electronic instrument clusters and driver information system circuits.