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Welcome to the social research page and work in progress about Auroville started on this page and transferred here

On this page and his talk page are accessible informations about a social research project to permit a changing team to :

  1. Follow the work in progress on viewing mode.
  2. Edit comment about the process on talk page.
  3. Joining the project team in and during any time for continuing the work where previous volunteers leave it and by the way continue de edit of this page.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This survey and research is a work in progress leading, sharing and building by switching volunteers team. The first step of the project is to fix his frame, structure and methodology to make it understandable for current and future volunteers. By the way, we hope that the project will achieve its purpose in the time needed for its completion and with the contribution of a variable contributor team.

Methodology[edit | edit source]

After a certain time of exploration any kind of social research need a guideline to fix a certain direction and not to be lost or overbooking by the quantity of available informations. One of various tric system to fix this guideline is the formulation of a main question for the research on a single sentence.

From this single question, It will be possible to edit variety of sub-question which give partial answer to the main question. Matching with every sub-question various indicators should be created with divers method for collecting information. These methods are traditionally separated in two type : qualitative methods and quantitative methods.

Basically, qualitative methods mean collecting information by participative observation and interview (non directive of semi directive). This task need lot of time and personnel resource to meet people, charing daly live, make interview, transcription (audio to text) and analysis of qualitative data. The best is collecting of information with people who know this kind of job and have a certain experience. Research of already existing interview or analysis research can bring some time useful information and decrease work time.

On the other hand, qualitative methods mean collecting information by direct observation or survey to make statistical analyse. Usually the collect of information is not exhaustive but focus only on a representative sampling of all data available. To make sampling of data relevant, it’s very important to take care about statistic bias. That means that the sample of the population have to follow certain rule like, minimal sampling proportion, random selection or use of quota to collect information and use all different way to collect information by same proportion (phone, face to face, internet, ...).

Independently of methods, no social research is possible without source of information. For each question and each method, it’s necessary to identify the best source of information on the list of all source of information available.

Main question[edit | edit source]

By an anonymous way in the Auroville population, how to make the share of informations more effective and close to the expectations of the population ?

Definition of vocabulary used in the main question[edit | edit source]

Anonymous way

No divulgation of identities.

Auroville population

By priority:

  • Resident (+ child)
  • New comer (+ child)
  • To be new comer (+ child)
  • Guest
  • Outsider Tourist
  • Website visitor


  • Contain
  • Activity
  • News
  • Official communication
  • News
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Spirituality
  • Environment
  • City life
  • Form
  • Summary of meeting moments and decisions
  • Presentations of programs
  • Meetings announcement
  • Profiles of aurovilan, service, project, units
  • Investigative Journalism on hot topics of the moment
  • Spiritual Readings
  • More ?

The share

Transmission of information from everybody to everybody by all support than possible :

  • Word of mouth
  • Notice board
    • Every community board
    • Solar Kitchen &Terrace Caffe
    • Center Guest House
    • Visitor Center
    • Indus Valley
    • Quiet
    • Le Morgan
  • Paper
    • News and notes
    • Auroville Today
    • Invocation
    • Ritam
    • La Revue d'Aurovllle
    • Matrimandir Journal
    • Auroville Outreach
    • Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
    • Farm Group Newsletter
    • Annapurna Times
    • Kuyil
    • Land Fund Newslette
  • Website
    • Tweeter ?
    • More ?


  • Functional
  • Accessible
  • Useful
  • Interesting
  • Clever
  • Sufficient
  • More ?


  • Desire
  • Point of vue
  • Request
  • Satisfaction
  • Proposes


  • Type of information (See list below)
  • Support of information (See list below)
  • More ?

Sub questions and indicators[edit | edit source]

  • How to make information more effective ?
  • What’s the information : Indicator : Consultancy and survey.
  • What’s an information more effective ?
  • Accessibility ? Indicator : Evolution of the consultation of media.
  • Complete ? Indicator : Comparison between event, announcement and report.
  • Up to date ? Indicator :


  • How to make informations more close to the expectations of the population ?
  • What the expectation of the population ?
  • What’s the population ? Indicator : Registration data and google analytic
  • What’s point of view of the population ? Indicator : Survey
  • How to be close of the expectation ? Indicator : Frequent survey to Analysis satisfaction of the population *in correlation with technical and organisational changes.

Sources of information[edit | edit source]

  • Official datas from office or service
  • Blue light service.
  • Resident service office (Ms )
  • Guest registration service (Mr Anand)
  • Direct observation of auroville population
  • On website Google analytic.
  • Participant observation.
  • Question, survey into the Auroville population
  • Face to face
  • By phone
  • By Internet
  • Other ?

Sampling[edit | edit source]

The best method that would be closer to the reality of the opinion of the entire population of Auroville from consulting a sampling would be to establish a stratified sampling based on the different characteristic and identifiable répertoriable within the population to establish mutually exclusive groups.

With the information collected from the registration service of the inhabitants of Auroville, it is possible to establish this following stratification by:

  • Status (aurovilian, New comer, To be new comer)
  • Age
  • Gender (female, male)
  • Nationality
  • Home community
  • Activity (Type of work and workplace)
  • Seniority in Auroville (date of entry)

According to an online calculator , with a 95% confidence level and an error rate of 5% (standard value applied in most polls), the number of people that make up the sample is expected to be 330.

Of these 330 people ideally chosen by random selection to allow probabilistic treatment processing, and always according to data reviewed by the Registration Service should be provided that the sample of 330 people.

The sheet contained all the analysis of the evolution of aurovilian population and the composition of the 330 people sampling is accessible on this page

Comment about the graph available on Auroville Radio (only in French).

Result of sampling by graph[edit | edit source]

Qualitative collect of information[edit | edit source]

Quantitative collect of information[edit | edit source]

Data analyse[edit | edit source]

Conclusion and recommendation[edit | edit source]

Annexes[edit | edit source]

Different links about Auroville[edit | edit source]

Documents from research 2012 - 2013[edit | edit source]

Research To re-arrange the concept and make it shorter

Pertaining to sociological and economical planes, research on just how Internet has affected our lives as experienced here in Auroville and elsewhere; Auroville Radio is most interested in finding and funding those who are expert in those areas in order that more educational information be shared. These research results will offer assistance with the process of fine tuning our work on the radio.

Auroville Radio is capable of disseminating such concepts through its recording and broadcasting of the many meetings and conferences that take place in which Aurovilians who have taken on the responsibility to plan and build the city, work on the governing groups and, Aurovilians who teach in the schools, man the fields and offices, health facilities and the various self-chosen fields of work. This creates the opportunity for those unable to attend such events to be part of them via AurovilleRadio's broadcasts. As well as sharing with the world how Auroville operates.

Since 5 December 2004 when AurovilleRadio took birth there has been a constant and steady increase in its archived material; during the first 10 months of 2007 more than 400 items (interviews, concerts, news broadcasts, dramas, meetings, conferences) have been stored and broadcast. Per month at least 50 recordings take place.

An average of 10,000 listeners per month visit the website from over 100 different countries. The impact cannot be measured; many visitors pass through AurovilleRadio's door to say they have heard of Auroville on AurovilleRadio, and many of them voluntarily work for Auroville, eventually becoming newcomers. How is that? Because AurovilleRadio is open to the immense dream of what Auroville wants to manifest, and strives to share that through its broadcasts. Its news broadcasts, currently thrice weekly and soon to be daily, echo the activities in the lives of Aurovilians, another way AV comes to life abroad.

The daily effect of Internet increases rapidly. Information is passed to every corner of the world. AurovilleRadio/TV offers the listener glimpses of another lifestyle, the highest of ideals, a place where people of numerous nations have left their countries of origin in order to build together through unified work a place the earth dreams of and needs. When finally the TV project becomes a reality, offering an experimental web-based TV, the visual impact will be stunning.

In 2008 Auroville will celebrate its fortieth anniversary and will see the completion of Matrimandir, the soul of AV. VIP's worldwide will be present. Events for this occasion have been planned by a team of Aurovilians. AurovilleRadio/TV will record all of this as well as do live broadcasting on site, which will facilitate the spectacles of the day to be shared all over the world.

To share with the world the vision, the ideals of Auroville, the rich potential in the variety of people drawn to live and work here, the countless and numerous skills and experience they bring; AurovilleRadio is one of the main tools that exist to accomplish such a worldwide sharing. AurovilleRadio can be heard via Internet all over the world.

The interviews with Aurovilians, Newcomers and guests when aired offer insight into the enormous dream of The City the Earth Needs.

Do a pre-research using the bellow questions to 30/40 persons to tune better the question/answer before start the main research (200/400 persons)


1 Name

2 Country

3 Age

4 Sex

5 Status (Guest/Tourist, New Comer, Aurovilian)

6 Which of this media do you know? (Make the list of of all the sites and magazine/news letter in Auroville and message boards like SK and other) AVNet,,,,, News & Notes, AurovilleToday, Auroville Outreach, Rittam,

7 Do you use any of this media (same list) to keep you informed about the life and the events in Auroville? Y/N

8 How often do you consult them (daily base, once a week , once a month, every two months, every six months, once a year, never)

- Do you think your source of information are reliable and fulfill your expectations/requirements? Y/N

Additional question for Aurovilian only:

9 Are the Auroville medias effecting your vision and decision process? Y/N

10 Did you keep updated about the life and the events in Auroville by speaking with friends? If yes how often? (daily basis, once a week , once a month, every two months, every six months, once a year, never) Y/N

11 Do you think it will be helpful for the community to run a own FM radio? Y/N

- If yes which program you would listen to? (News, Music Programs, Radio Dramas, Debates, Live General Meetings, Conferences + add more...)

Additional question for guests only:

12 Did the media of Auroville had help you in the decision to visit Auroville?

13 If yes which one (list of the main sites) and in which percentual (0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

14 What do you suggest to change - modify in the sites you know?

15 Did you find reliable and true the informations consulted in this sites?

16 How long do you plan to stay in Auroville (how many days/months)

17 Where are you are you living (make a better sentence)

18 Are you work as volunteer?

19 If yes how many hours per day?

20 Do you plan to come back to visit Auroville again?

21 Are you considering to became New Comer?

Auroville Radio Audience Survey (last version)

1. Country of origin: __________________________

2. Sex: M - F -

3. Age: ______

4. Status:

a. Aurovilian

b. Friend of Auroville

c. Newcomer

d. Guest

e. Visitor

1. How often do you exchange information about life and events in Auroville with your friends/other people?




Less than monthly


Don't know

2. How likely are you to listen or check AurovilleRadio?

Daily Weekly Monthly Less than monthly Never Don't know

3. In which subjects are you most interested in?

Please choose your 3 favourites by filling 1, 2 and 3 in the corresponding box.

City life








Read the following 2 statements and tell us to which degree you agree or disagree.

4. It would be helpful for the community to run its own FM radio station.

Strongly agree

Strongly disagree

Don't know

5. The local flow of information would improve through Auroville FM Radio station.

Strongly agree

Strongly disagree

Don't know

6. How often did you recommend AurovilleRadio to friends/other people? (within the last 3 months)

More than 20 times

11-20 times

6-10 times

Less than 5 times


Don't know

7. How satisfied are you with Auroville Radio in following regards?

Very satisfied

Not satisfied

Don't know

Actuality of news

Quality of information

Technical quality

Variety of issues

Selection of topics

Other: ______________

8. How important do you think are following aspects for a radio in Auroville in general?

Very important

Not important

Don't know

Actual information about AV

Background information about AV

Background information about other issues



Other: ______________

9. How do you use AurovilleRadio?

Please choose only one of the following descriptions that suits you best.

I switch on the broadcast and listen to it attentively I switch on the broadcast and do something else meanwhile I choose the program I'm interested in by reading the abstract I listen mainly to program from a certain category I choose the program from the frontpage by reading the title

10. How often do you consult the following Auroville media?


Daily Weekly Monthly Less than monthly Never Don't know (AVNet)

Other: __________________


Daily Weekly Monthly Less than monthly Never

Auroville Today

News and Notes


Matrimandir Newsletter


Other: __________________


Daily Weekly Monthly Less than monthly Never

Solar Kitchen & Terrace Caffee

Visitor Center

Center Guest House

Indus Valley

Le Morgan

Other: __________________

Is there anything concerning this survey or AV radio that you would like to let us know?

Thank you very much for participating in our survey.

Since all responses are confidential, you will not receive a direct response from us. Please do visit the Auroville Radio website later to check theoveralll result of the survey.

The pretest important facts

Why doing it?

Test the questionaire draft if participants understand the questions in the right way how long it takes to complete it get first and personal feedback on the survey

Who participates?

30 people/completed questionaires should be enough

according to sociodemographic data these 30 persons should have the following characteristics, divided by the two general groups:



Note: Of course it would be better to have the same criteria for both groups. But as information is lacking we have to do it this way. The guest characteristics are far more detailed than the ones for aurovillians (gender is obvious, occupation not). For further research this is helpful.

For the pretest it should be enough to choose the participants (guest group) according to their nationality. This is very important as there are remarkable differences between both groups. Among Aurovillians Indians are the largest group. Among the guests on the contrary there is not one Indian!

- 'short-term' is defined as being in Auroville for less than 2 months

- for detailed information see file 'pretest sample'

for a pretest it is not a very big problem if the participants don't exactly match the characteristics above. It's more an example for the real survey. There it is crucial to match statistical characteristics with the actual participants