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The University of Nebraska at Lincoln has one of the internet's best websites promoting active learning in the field of introductory astronomy. This resource is intended to be used in parallel with UNL's efforts. Contributions may include:

  • Wikiquizzes (see below)
  • Space for student essays relevant to these labs
  • Classroom activities relevant to one or more UNL activities

Stellar astronomy

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The goal is to create wikiquizzes based on Nebraska's resources.

Draft of first wikiquiz

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  • I place the first wikiquiz here to help sort out copyvio issues. I think this quiz differs sufficiently from the UNL page. And, this quiz will link to the UNL page.
  • This quiz is based on Stellar Properties #2: HR Diagram #1 Only one questions would be selected for a classroom quiz.
  • This is a stub that students will complete, perhaps under the username user:Guy vandegrift's student

1 Which portion of the HR diagram has stars with the greatest luminosity?

top side
upper right corner
lower left corner
left side
upper left corner

2 Next question

wrong answer
right answer
wrong answer
Never have more than 5 answers

At the next Astronomy class meeting, students will copy this "stub" to a subpage of user:Guy vandegrift's student and add questions. All will be variations of this question, all pertaining to UNL's Stellar Properties #2: HR Diagram #1'