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w: Sidereus Nuncius[edit | edit source]

Questions about Galileo in Sidereus_Nuncius (permalink)

These images will be present on the test:

  1. Although nobody knows for sure, a likely candidate for the invention of the telescope was (a) Galileo (b) A chinese inventer (c) a lensmaker (c) a glass blower.
  2. What odd name did Galileo call his telescoes?
  3. Who or what was the terminator (for Galileo)?
  4. What did the terminator do when it crossed the mountains?
  5. What surprising quantitative fact did Galileo estimate regarding the Moon's geological features?
  6. What did Galileo discover about the Pleiades?
  7. That were Galileo's Medicean Stars?
  8. What does the Flight into Egypt have to do with Galileo?
  9. Simon Marius believed that he deserved the right to name Jupiter’s love after his love conquests: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto because he (Marius) first observed them on December 29, 1609. Galileo first observed Jupiter's moons was January 7, 1610. How did Galileo prove that he saw them first?
  10. Prior to the publication of Sidereus Nuncius, the Church accepted the Copernican heliocentric system in what way?