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Lesson 0: getting the kitchen ready

All family recipes come with major and minor ingredients. The major ingredients are those that are commonly associated with the dish of that name and the minor ingredients are those that give them a personal flair. Minor ingredients sometimes change with availability or depending on quality and price, which may vary based on seasons.

Asian-American kitchens often have cooking implements such as these:

  • ricecooker
  • pots
  • pans
  • chopsticks
  • water boiler
  • steaming racks
  • strainers
  • large preparation bowls
  • large cleaver and cutting board
  • etc.

and some foods like these:

  • 25-50 pound bag of rice
  • boxes of pasta/ jars of pasta sauce
  • dried mushrooms
  • dried herbs
  • jars of seasonings and sauces
  • assorted meats and vegetables (frozen and fresh)
  • etc.

Lesson 1: Cooking the Rice

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