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Artificial Intelligence, also called (AI), is an imitation of the human intelligence system, and the processes involved are carried out by a computing device (a computer, robot, smartphone or any such device). It includes the processes of acquiring information, validating assigned rules, and debugging itself by the intelligent software and executing actions by the hardware installed with it.

Let's simplify the definition of AI; a machine, robot or android that has an intelligent system like a human brain which can sense, reason, act & adapt according to the operational instructions. It works based on the data, stored as well as collected, and configures itself with real-time instructions.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Sense: It's one of the properties of AI. It not only identifies worthy materials & objects but also recognizes real-time operational activities. The sensors or sensing devices can trace out & quickly differentiate between wrong & correct objects. 
Reason: This property works like a human brain does to complete a task successfully. It understands, judges and prepares to execute. Reason enables AI to deal with internal & external properties of resources like condition, time-frame,  behaviour, other parameters of entities involved during conversion of the task.      
Act: This is a decisive property that enables to execute an action or send instructions to others to execute the action instead. The act is the part where the functionality & operational activities are directly proportionate.  
Adapt: It's the property that works with the highest intelligence. Like the way, a human brain remembers the result of any past event. It re-trains, debugs and even find out uncovered properties to put the operation more accurate. It remembers the last events & manages the functionalities accordingly. 

To what extent is Artificial Intelligence (AI) possible? Can humans create something as complex as our own brain? Is there something about the human brain that is incapable of being replicated? These are some of the questions that the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence attempts answering.