Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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This is intended to be a guide to AI & ML(Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) By Dr. Ajit Nazre.[1] John McCarthy Coined this term by since 1955.

Artificial Intelligence covers a lot of problem areas, & It difficult to compute. Interested in that is to be sensor controlled behavior used Machine Learning. The Machine Learning is also part of AI.[2]

  1. The Deduction, Reasoning Problem Solving.
  2. Knowledge Representation Planning
  3. Social Intelligence
  4. Machine Learning

Learning Task[edit | edit source]

  • Explore the interface of Susi AI and identify questions and response, with which you can decide that a machine is answering the questions.
  • Explore the concept of Artificial Neural Networks and Expert Systems and explain the possible contribution to the IT infrastructure for Susi AI.
  • Explain role of Machine Learning to optimize the response of Susi AI. What is the data structure of the training data?
  • What is difference of supervised and unsupervised learning? Explain the type of learning that could be applied on optimizsation of a human-machine communication?
  • Apply Machine Learning on Machine Translation! Explain the role of Machine Learning for language translation. Define a basic processing and the learning model for Machine Translation and explain, if you underlying concept is supervised or unsupervised.

References[edit | edit source]