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Cerebral Hipposcampus Connections[edit | edit source]

While the area around the hippocampus is complex, and we are not sure of all the functions it performs, we are relatively sure that the hippocampus has something to do with long-term memory and that it also has to do with episodal memory. We aren't yet sure exactly what the functions are, but experiments with rats have determined that the hippocampus has place cells, which light up when the rat is entering or leaving a specific place in the maze, etc.

This ability to place the rat in a specific part of the maze, combines with the ability of the parietal lobe to locate the rat, in the pathway it is traveling to get to the end of the maze, and with the prefrontal lobes ability to link goals to rewards, and suppress the natural tendency to wander.

This suggests a close link between the hipposcampus and the prefrontal cortex, which we find in the DorsoLateral Prefrontal Cortex.