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Reading of texts simultaneously. A technique of Dada.

"Simultaneous poetry, invented by Tristan Tzara and Richard Hulsenbeck, was intended to deconstruct the text by its simultaneous reading in several different languages. Hans Richter a friend nd collaborater of Dadaists, defined simultaneous poetry as a "contrapuntal recitative in which three or more voices speak, sing, whistle, etc.. simultaneously, in such a way that the resulting combinations account for the total effect of the work, elegiac, funny or bizzare"" Hans Richter, Dda: Art and Anti-rt quoted in Subversive Body in Performance Art

"the simultaneous reading of poems and nonsence texts accompanied by cacphonic noise, msks and absurd costumes led to riotous audience responces. Such interaction became commonplace and was even encouraged. As this animation and the audience's hunger for scndal grew, so did the performers experiment more wildly, striving to keep breaking their own rules." - The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance By Paul Allain, Jen Harvie

Examples[edit | edit source]

Heres an exmple reading of the DAMTP constitution read in English, Urdu, Russianand Lithuanian.