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Documenta proposal[edit | edit source]

Kassel: go to every Documenta event, exhibition, meeting, talk, performance - armed with footballs and goals and begin playing 3SF

Response to world cup[edit | edit source]

also see also previous proposal to Silkebourg world cup:

  • 3SF Hypernational Cup
  • 3SF Antinational Cup
  • 3SF Other World Cup
  • 3SF 3rd Worlds Cup
  • 3SF Triolectical Cup
  • 3SF Anti World Cup
  • 3SF Nonworld Cup
  • 3SF Local Cup
  • 3SF Anti Cup
  • 3SF World Up
  • 3SF N‘Dui-Mbén
  • Three Foot Inter Ball National Sided Cup
  • Three Sided Ball Inter Feet National Cape
  • Three Sided Inter Ball National Food Cape
  • Down with the 3SF World Cup!
  • Cup with the 3SF World Up!
  • Up with the 3SF N‘Dui-Mbén Up!
  • Cup with the 3SF Hypernational Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF Antinational Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF Other World Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF 3rd Worlds Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF Triolectical Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF Anti World Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF Nonworld Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF Local Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Cup with the 3SF Silkeborg Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
  • Up with the 3SF Anti Cup N‘Dui-Mbén!

Statement On Documenta[edit | edit source]

DAMTP has organised against biennials since we took over the Alytus Biennial in 2011: At Dakar Biennial in Senegal (Asim in 2011), in Korea at Gwangju World Biennial Forum No.1 (Asim, Redas in 2012), At HDI Uruguay (Redas in 2014) ... and of course in Germany: Berlin and KASSEL (Andrius, Pablo/OKK in 2012) - see:

Of course Chus Martinez was the curator – and this was the name used as a multiple use name – which was employed by different people around the world.

2013 I feel was the peak of our activity and (failure of ) the consolidation of the psychic workers union. Not just the succesful strike actions in 2011 and 2012 - alkso the founding of the Asemic International - we dealt with the Eurocentrism of both Bifo and Giles Dauve.

However at the same time, 2013, the sticking point was identity - the second dimension of Paatra and we were unable to mature to a 3 diemnsional class consciousness. And I will say here that this is where the activities came undone because we did not go beyond forms of european nationalism. in other words Art and the art star system. Psychic worker remained s a european worker. we were unable to secure visas for African workers and unable to consolidate ourselves as psychic workers and create a psychic space where those workers excluded, marginalised and attacked by european (art/ patriarchal/ white) identity could effectively and securely organise with us.

Now related to this we also took part in the silkebourg cup in 2014 and again these issues came up. Before silkebourg i raised concerns with the "world cup" format. with eurocentrism and national teams. in the event DAMTP played as Unuruguay but despite this it seems one of our players – in fact it was because he was identified as non-european - was physically attacked by someone in an opposing national team. it is no surprise that the national mode lead to an empowerment of destructive work

Now it must be said that given the above texts highlighting the military significance of kassel - and that germany is now mobilising a new EU army = separate from NATO AND given that the defence minister was in Lithuania a few months ago at a meeting of "eastern european" states - any further empowerment of destructive workers at this juncture is of grave seriousness.

Having gone throught he 0 point of DAMTP in 2012 it is time to emerge. And it is clear that the process in Alytus seems to be going back to that of an experimental art festival and a european project. And it has now emerged as largely inefective in combatting bienalization even amongst us. The identity of artist, of european, has encompassed that of psychic worker. self-Destructive work has remained the primary organising force. Both reproductive work and productive work has remained unorganised. If psychic destructive work remained a white male european activitry then productive work has remained Black and reproductive work remained Female both outside the scope of our main activities.

I therefore want to invite comrades to consider REproductiVe wOrkers and Labourers indUstrial unION. what and who emerges from the 0 point? and what retreats?

With regards to the 3SF we suggest REVOLUTIONaries simply join the winning team in each match. upon entering the final in this manner we can simply switch if necessary to the winning team before the end of the match. its not the taking part comrades, its the winning that matters.

i also note in silkebourg that the only moment of ludic action was the unknown streaker - reproductive worker on strike. i suggest therefore that we strike off - fire off a particle across from the eurocentric zone of kathalytus - to Botosani. the birth place of Isidore Isou. we could leave at the start of the festival and return for the end, just in time to win the final match and destroy the German pan-european/ EU army as well as NATO, Russia and ISIS.