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Quantum algorythmnic psychogeographik experiment to be conducted at the City of Londons eastern borders, either aldgate east or docklands (TBC thru discussions with potential participants

   >>the two quantum states are defined, contextually and

formally as follows:

1 : walk 0 : stop


1: move in a straight line 0: move in a circle


1: place 0: space


1: bit (construction) 0: qubit (deconstruction)

alorythmns are defined as follows:

switch states every x seconds switch states, not when you want to, but x seconds after that



Superimposition- A system, which can be, found in more than one state i.e. If there are two possible states, the system can be said to exist in both at once until its state is actually measured.

THE POWER OF A QUANTUM COMPUTER- If a qubit is a unit of information that can hold two values at the same time, then a computer built out of it can give us tremendous advantage of speed and space because such a unit can simultaneously perform operations both as 1 and 0. We can then have two calculations at the price of one. One qubit can represent two states 0 and 1, and then two qubits can represent 4 numbers at the same time – 00, 01, 10 and 11. The increase in power is exponential. With n qubits it will be possible to carry out 2m calculations simultaneously or store those many numbers. Thus a quantum computer can in a single computational step perform the same mathematical operation on 2m different input numbers, and the result will be a superposition of all the corresponding outputs. In order to accomplish the same task any classical computer has to repeat the computation 2m times, or has to use 2m different processors working in parallel.

Superimposition- When a psychogeographer can be said to be in two states/places at once, i.e. If there are two possible states, the Qubit (a quantum psychogeographer) can be said to exist in both at once until its state is actually measured.

Interference- When one qubit affects the computations of another, it is called Interference.

Coherence- The ability of the qUbit to maintain the superimposition of states.

Decoherence- The process that destroys the state of superimposition.

Entanglement- If two or more qubits are made to interact. They emerge in a joint quantum state. The state in which two qubits in indeterminate states are linked so that measuring or manipulating one, instantaneously manipulates the second is called Entanglement.

QUANTUM ALGORITHMS In theory a qubit promises to do wonders in reducing computation/experiment time. While the computation will be fast, deriving solutions to problems, from a quP poses some practical problems that are not easily solvable. A simple measurement destroys the superimposition leaving the system in one state or the other.

Unfortunately it is rarely possible to predict in advance what that state is going to be. To get the desired answer to a calculation the quP must be processed in a way that undesired solutions interfere destructively leaving only the wanted states at the end. This process is called quantum algorithm. Several scientists/artists have tried several ways of trying to effectively build a quantum psychogeographic practice, to make use of it in practical life ie in the construction of a unitary urbanism.



Quantam consciousness can be seen as dialectically related to borgeois consciousness, where an inverse COHERENCE is the maintenance of a singular identity. Quantam consciousmness is similar to schizophrenic states, but with a crucial difference. COHERENCE is constantly under threat of DECOHERENCE, whereby it will lapse into borgeois (or passive proletariat) consciousness. QC is closer to Proletarian Postmodernism and can only be effectively focussed thru very conscious relations to other Qubits.

The dialectic can be understood by looking at how a QUBIT (which is both 0 and 1) would be utilised by a Quantum Computer, measuring it in order to do calculations. When the qubits are measured, ie when the QUBIT is put to use by POWER then it becomes either 1 OR 0, ie it becomes a (normal) 'bit' (as found in existing computers)

tHUS qUANTUM cONSCIOUSNESS CAN BE SEEN AS A SPECIFIC FORM OF RESISTENCE when it is COHERENT which is transformed into POWER when USED, measured, utilised, 'cashed-in' via DECOHERENCE (the reversion to 'normal, simple, borgeois or passive consciousness)


Quantum bit (qubit) Classical bit : 1,or 0 qubit: superposition of states

N 2N 12/31/01

Example of quantum calculation Change sign of every other state

Needs 2N Operations Needs Only 1 Operations 12/31/01

Constructing Quantum gate Must be unitary operation Classical gate are not unitary Controlled XOR with two two-state wave function X control bit target bit X XOR 12/31/01

This is realy a unitary op. cont. bit target bit

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