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Newly installed LinkSprite Examples. Choose SimpleServer.

Open up the Arduino IDE and find the LinkSprite folder in Examples. Choose SimpleServer.

the SSID parameter is the only one that needs to be changed in this configuration

There is one line that needs to be changed in this configuration which is highlighted in yellow in the graphic. This is the SSID which was typed into the wifi router configuration screen. In other routers the local_ip, the gateway_ip and the subnet_mask may need to be changed. Once this is working the security type and the security_passphrase will need to be changed.

wifi router configuration screen

The default linksprite ip address is ... but this might be the ip address of the wired PC hooked up to the wifi router. Check by typing CMD in the windows search box.

getting to windows command line from windows start search box.

At the command line, type ipconfig and press enter. Scroll back to the top so the screen displays the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

looking at the local ethernet interface from windows command line prompt using ipconfig .. can see that the IPv4 Address is ... so it is not going to fight with the linksprite which is going to assign it

The goal is to find the IPv4 address assigned to the wired PC by the wifi router. It can not conflict with the ip address configuration of the linksprite. In this case the PC is and the linksprite sampleserver configuration is .. so there will not be a conflict.

LinkSprite SimpleServer example program has been modified to match the Linksys wifi router by just changing the SSID to engineering. Now the upload button (orange) has been pressed. When finished uploading the program will start running on the linksprite. If successful, the WIFI LED will glow red. Glowing red just means that the linksprite is happy. It does not mean that the PC can talk to it.

The next step is to finish configuring the SimpleServer example program. Then upload it to the linksprite wifi arduino. When uploaded successfully, the linksprite WIFI led will glow red. This means that the linksprite is happy. It does not mean that the PC can talk to it.

There are two tests to see if the PC can talk to the Linksprite: ping and http. Ping is done from the windows command prompt.

successful ping test to (the link sprite) and an unsuccessful ping test to ... which doesn't exist. The unsuccessful ping test displays the ip address of the wired PC.

The next test is type into the url of a browser. The linksprite should display "hello world."

successful set up of the linksprite diamond back as a simple web server

The next step is to work on wep authentication and then modifying the simple server so that it sends back information it is collecting from a sensor such as an accelerometer.