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Arduino Software Running

Target Audience[edit | edit source]

Anyone who looks at the official introduction and sees too many words.

Starting Point[edit | edit source]

Have an arduino and test whether it is working. Have a USB cable to connect to a computer.

Replication Goal[edit | edit source]

Launch the Ardunio IDE

Procedure: Download Ardunio Software[edit | edit source]

  1. Step: Download the software for your platform.
  2. Step: Save the file when prompted
  3. Step: Put the file in a place it can be found, remember the file name.
  4. Step: Find the file and click on it
  5. Step: Extract the file to a place where it will be executed. It does not belong on the desktop. This is the only installation step.
  6. Step: Find the extracted folder. It will contain a number ... something like arduino-0022. Launch the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by clicking on arduino.exe