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Master books

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This is a list of very important books that everyone interested in learning architecture should know. They are usually part of architecture courses in the whole world.

  • Lessons for Students in Architecture, by Herman Hertzberger - Hertzberger is a world-famous dutch architecture teacher, and this book, full of techniques and methods for making architecture projects, is considered a must-read by many architecture schools, if not all of them. Hertzberger is considered a master at studying the function of architecture in an urban environment.
  • Architecture: Form, Space, & Order, by Francis D. K. Ching - is another bible for architects, it explains a lot of formal rules, order and mechanisms used when doing architecture, and the interaction between formal rules and function in architecture.
  • Towards a new architecture, by Le Corbusier - This is a manifest that Le Corbusier, one of the fathers of the Modernism wrote. It is a key to understand our post-modernism current time, and what modernism changed in the paradigms used by architects.
  • The art of projecting architecture by Ernst Neufert - A very practical book about designing with human proportions in mind, full of examples and precise measurements.

Advanced books

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This is a list of more secific books that usually are considered important as someone advances on the path of architecture.

  • The image of the city, by Kevin Lynch - A reference in analyzing the city and what makes distinctive points "urban marks" for its inhabitants
  • Learning from Las Vegas, by Robert Venturi- This is a very important book about how architecture can cope, deviate or stand out against rules and classical orthodoxy.
  • Urbanisme, utopie et réalités, by Francoise Choay
  • The death and life of great american cities, by Jane Jacobs

Architecture magazines

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This is a collection of world-recognized architecture publications.

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