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Advanced topics in the anatomy and physiology of woody perennials[edit]

Tree physics[edit]

Tree mechanics: structural integrity and failure analysis[edit]

Wind loads and shear forces[edit]

Wind-sail forces[edit]
Windward and lee exposures, prevailing winds, wind eddies[edit]

Wave energy in trees[edit]

Harmonic resonance: energy intensification[edit]
Aharmonic energy dissipation, as related to canopy complexity[edit]

Electromagnetic potential and discharge[edit]


Power distribution wires[edit]

Fluid dynamics[edit]



Soil liquification[edit]

Mass wasting: landslides[edit]

Gravity: leaning trees, falling objects, crushing forces[edit]

The role of trees and their management in the human environment[edit]

Principles of risk management[edit]

Evaluating tree hazards and benefits[edit]

Legal issues involving trees[edit]

Amenity value of trees[edit]

Protecting trees during construction operations[edit]

Planning for tree growth, longevity, safety, maximization of benefits, and minimization of liabilities[edit]

Landscape design, installation, and renovation[edit]

Choosing plants to be planted: matching species and cultivar to design goals, micro-environment, and long term planning[edit]

Recommended procedures for planting trees, vines and shrubs[edit]

Common errors to avoid[edit]

Transplanting established trees, vines and shrubs[edit]

Plant health care[edit]

Optimizing conditions for thriving[edit]

Diagnostic procedures for failure to thrive or decline in health[edit]

Physical or chemical injuries[edit]

Nutrient deficiency testing[edit]

Soil testing[edit]

Pest infestations[edit]

Infectious pathogens[edit]

Identifying and separating primary causes of plant health decline from secondary infections and infestations, and separating causes from signs and symptoms[edit]

Integrated pest management[edit]

Fertilization goals and procedures[edit]

Unintended consequences of chemical applications[edit]

Decision making for tree health care in the context of human and environmental health concerns[edit]

Pruning woody stemmed perennial plants[edit]

Pruning young plants[edit]

Pruning mature plants[edit]

Large tree trimming or removal[edit]