Appraisal of tutorial materials/Evaluation Report for Understanding Excel Charts in-Depth

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Material evaluated[edit | edit source]

Lynda online course entitled

Structured Evaluation[edit | edit source]

  • Was this video tutorial appropriate for a complete beginner using Microsoft Word 2013 for the first time?

The point of the tutorial is to help beginner Excel users to create and understand Excel charts. The material was appropriate for beginners because trying to operate Excel spread sheet can be pretty daunting but the tutorial was set out in a way that was understandable for anyone just starting to use Excel charts.

  • Was the production quality of the material good, average or poor?

The audio was good quality as well as the video, the video allowed you to practice your Excel chart skill whilst watching the video at the same time.

  • Rate the duration of the introductory chapter

The introductory chapter wasn’t too long; it got to the point quickly and accurately and was easy to follow.

Other comments about the material[edit | edit source]

Although the material was easy to follow, it was not appropriate for a beginner user of Microsoft, there is not enough interactivity that you would need to understand and navigate through the Excel spread sheet. It has tendency to throw you into the deep end without enough knowledge to complete an Excel chart.

Summary[edit | edit source]

I found it hard to start any work, to create a spread sheet chart with only online guide to work from; the other sites and clips were even harder to work because the disorganised nature of the delivery. It is impossible to ask an individual question to an automated service and therein lies the problem, I couldn’t get any assistance when I get stuck on a problem. It was the aim for Lynda wanted the chart formatted professionally and I think they achieved that.