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This school is:
Wikiversity Film School - Narrative film production
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This course is:
The basics of narrtive film animation with digital puppets
Lessons in Digital Puppet Animation Course
Introduction: Introduction to digital puppets Crystal Clear app clock.svg
Lesson: Character animation with digital puppets Crystal Clear app clock.svg
Lesson: Scenery Generation Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Compositing characters & scenery Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Dialog recording Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Film scoring Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Film editing Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg

Skills Assessment in

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This course: Types of animation

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The first step

The first step will be for you to look at all the kinds of animation to decide which one you want to use.

The emphasis on this course will be digital puppets but you should consider all options before you start.

There will be a list of software that you should download and look at before you decide.

This will range from Toon Boom Studio demo to Bryce 5.5 (free).

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To begin this class, you must have completed all the other courses. This is because you will need the animatic which you created in the course on Basic Filmmaking which relies on the editing course and the film scoring course.

Crystal Clear app kfm home.png Select from the following animation methods

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Your first decision

Your first decision will be to decide what form of animation is best for you.

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