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Problem Statement[edit | edit source]

  • Replace 1K resistor in voltmeter as converted ammeter.
  • Learn how to use circuit lab.
  • Use circuit lab to find the resistors.

voltmeter,ammeter and schematic review[edit | edit source]

Demonstrate how voltmeter works: Open voltmeter check inside

  • It is easy to solder on the resistor and put the meter back together.
  • Where to place the ammeter in the power supply?
  • Figure out why need a shunt resistance.
  • Figure out why change series connection to parallel connection

The Design Process[edit | edit source]

  • Open up the voltmeter.
    • unscrew the front cover.
      This is the front view after I take off the front cover.
    • unscrew the back cover.
      This is the back nuts we need to unscrew them.
    • take out the inner part,then will see the resistance on back.
      Voltmeter inner part
      See voltmeter resistance on the back after take out inner part.
    • change voltmeter's resistance to a smaller shunt resistance.(1ohm or <1 ohm,need to confirm)
    • put shunt resistance in parallel connect.
      • Solution:replace 1ohm resistor with voltmeter's resistor.
Experiment prototypes and tests need for design[edit | edit source]
  • We will test the ammeter and use it in the power supply.

Poster[edit | edit source]

Next Steps[edit | edit source]