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Directions for the Exercise[edit | edit source]

Read the following scenario. Using data from the ACL worksheet below, review the Task Analysis findings and make recommendations for which tasks you would recommend for the training course.

Content Prioritization Exercise[edit | edit source]

For this exercise, you have been approached by a pet warehouse chain that is opening a series of new mega-stores. Each of the new stores will include a grooming salon where they plan on employing 12 groomers; 5 full time working 40 hours per week, and 7 part-time working evenings and weekends. They have been advertising for experienced groomers, but are only getting applicants with little or no experience.

The East Coast Human Resource Manager for the chain has contacted you and asked you to conduct a Task Analysis and create a proposed Course Outline for a training course that they will use to train new employees. She stated that 80% of the applications are from women between the ages of 18 and 30 who have little or no previous experience grooming dogs. For this effort, she wants you to provide a Task Analysis, a Course Outline, and the cost estimate for designing and delivering a pilot course.

In order to propose a course outline and provide a quote for the training development you not only need to conduct a Task Analysis, but you also must decide what needs to be trained. You realize that the best way to determine what needs to be trained is by doing content prioritization on the Task Analysis data.

The Process[edit | edit source]

Task Analysis - You started the process by conducting a Task Analysis to identify all the tasks and subtasks that the new employee will be expected to do. You complete the Task Analysis by conducting phone interviews with subject matter experts and other stakeholders.

  • You conduct interviews with 7 groomers (the subject matter experts) and 6 store managers and assistant managers (stakeholders) at 4 regional stores to determine what tasks and subtasks the employees will perform on-the-job.
  • You assemble a list of the tasks and subtasks and list them on an ACL form.
  • You then sent the forms to the interviewees for them to rate the importance of each of the tasks.

Content Prioritization - After receiving all the ACL forms back you have the Task Analysis data you need to determine which tasks to train.

  • Using the rating information collected, you synthesize the data onto one form by averaging all the results.
  • With the results tabulated, you have to determine which tasks to train.

Using data from the ACL worksheet below, review the findings and make recommendations for which training you would recommend for the training course.

When done, click the link at the bottom of the page to compare your recommendations with ours.


You can print a working copy of the completed ACL Form by clicking this link and using your Browser print function.

ACL Data Analysis Form dogs 2 Page 1.png

Click here to see our results.

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