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Airway Management

In every patient you see, with major or minor injuries, you should assess the ABC's;

  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation

The most important of which is of course, the patient's airway. A simple assessment is sometimes the most effective;

  • Is there clear airflow?
  • Are there clear breath sounds?

Clearing the Airway[edit | edit source]

Jaw Thrust Method[edit | edit source]

The jaw thrust method is the most commonly used airway-clearing technique, and BLS providers (including non-medical personnel) can easily be trained to employ it effectively. By grasping the jaw, and pulling the mandible forward, the airway can be cleared - due to displacement of debris and a shift in tongue position.

Chin Lift Method[edit | edit source]

Again, the chin lift can be safely employed by BLS providers. However, since this manovure will disrupt c-spine placement, it's use is strongly discouraged.

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Lesson by Dr. Colin Brennan, MBChB, MSc

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