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Attacks are paired with defenses to produce an Aikido technique. Many attempts have been made to formalize these pairings. Unfortunately, there is a large number of them. This is made worse when variations are added. The approach taken here is to describe defenses with notes on variations given different Attacks in Aikido and alternative movements (omote, ura, ishi and soto kaiten, etc.) Also note that the rough skill level classifications are sometimes modified by the kind of attack being made. For example, Shomenuchi Ikkyo is a very basic technique that becomes more advanced when a knife is involved (Tanto-tori Shomenuchi Ikkyo)

Basic Aikido Defenses[edit]

Intermediate Aikido Defenses[edit]

Advanced Aikido Defenses[edit]

  • Rokyo - six defense
  • Koshinage - hip throw
  • Randori - defenses against multiple attackers
  • Sojutsu - sacrifice throw
  • Disappearing throw (need the technical term for this defense)