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Short Introduction[edit | edit source]

Adobe Flash is a 2D animation program, which uses vector graphics. It is considered as one of the best private animation tools, and one of the few which is not based to be used within animation studios. It was originally developed by Macromedia, but was recently bought by Adobe.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Before explaining animation, we will explain the tools:

Selection Tool:

This is the selection tool. It is used for selecting objects, or portions of one. When selecting a brushed area it will only select the same color of brushed area which is connected to the original selected area, lines will also confine a selected area. You can also move things with this tool.

Subselection Tool:

Subselection tool.jpg This is the subselection tool, it is used for selecting points in the vector graphic. When you mark something with this tool, you will highlight possible selection points. By selecting these points you can drag them to another position, when you do this the lines between the two nearest points on each side follow. However unlike the selection tool this shows all outer lines of an object instead of the filling.

Free Transform Tool:

Free transform tool.jpg This is the free transform tool. It is basically the same as the selection tool, however it can stretch, enlarge/shrink, and change the center of the selected object.

Gradient Transform Tool:

Gradient transform tool.jpg This is the gradient transform tool, with this you can change the angles and length of gradient filling. You can also move selected filling with it.

Line Tool:

The line tool is used to draw straight marks from one point to another. Using the Selection Tool, you can bend lines after they are created, to get a curve effect.

Lasso Tool:

Like the Selection tool, the Lasso tool allows you to select certain objects. Rather than drawing a square marqueé over the objects, the Lasso tool lets you draw an outline of what you want to select by dragging your mouse around the object, creating whatever shape is drawn. Whatever is inside the shape will be selected.

Text Tool:

The text tool will let you put text directly into the Stage. The color can be changed, and whatever fonts you have on your computer will be available to use.

Oval Tool:

The oval tool can be used to draw an oval or circle. Like the rectangle tool, hɛolding SHIFT while drawing will make the oval a perfect circle.

Rectangle Tool/Polystar Tool:

The rectangle tool is used to create simple four sided polygons. Additionally, one can use the line tool and the fill tool to draw the shape, but it is not recommended. The Polystar tool (click and hold the rectangle tool button to receive a drop-down menu, where you can select Polystar) can be used to create polygons (the number of sides can be adjusted in Options in the Properties tab) and stars (the number of points can be adjusted as well in Options in the Properties tab).

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