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Dumisani Ndubane talking about his use of Wikiversity for electrical engineering. Copy on Youtube.

Collaborative group lecture notes. Some of the most valuable knowledge a teacher has is the keywords to use in search. If a teacher prepares a slide presentation with only the keywords on each slide then speaks to those concepts in a lecture format, then small groups in the class can be asked to produce notes from the presentation. If a collaborate authoring platform like Wikiversity is used, these notes can be made useful for others, and evaluated by other groups. One or two members of the note-taking group make initial text notes, others follow up with links to useful resources and extended information, and others add diagrams, images, videos and other illustrative media. If a new group takes on the task each week, the others in the class can rate their work, as a form of peer assessment. Over time, valuable lecture notes can be created that may even replace a textbook, or produce a text that is contextually more relevant to the course.