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Yahoo Answers. Many people seek answers to questions from online forums like Yahoo Answers. Ask your participants to answer questions relating to the subject, or to conduct scenario-based role play in Yahoo Answers. There is community status awards in the Yahoo Answers space, and this can be used to drive motivation, conduct assessment, or govern rewards in your subject.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Mark Gussy - Evidence in Oral Health Practice Mark Gussy teaches Evidence in Oral Health Practice to students of the Oral Health Therapy course at La Trobe University. In this interview, Mark talks to Leigh Blackall about the groupwork assignment, where students were asked to investigate the evidence surrounding a scenario, and to use what they found to compile a website using Wikispaces. Mark highlights how no help was given in the use of Wikispaces, and that the platform's ability to record edit history and individual contributions helped to address some of the problem of groupwork, where some students do far less than others. Mark then goes on to outline his plans for the subject next year, were the investigation compares the credible scientific information against the popular and readily available information on channels like Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers and Youtube. He's considering asking the students to prepare resources and information to make an intervention on those channels (if/where needed), using the credible evidence they've collected.