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Action Management is synonymous with business improvement and is a methodology of managing the operational actions that managers and staff need to do to drive better business performance and achieve "business excellence".

In all operational areas it is management's job to remove obstacles and stimulate actions so that “the things employees do” have a positive impact on the performance of the business. Action Management is therefore about improving the day-to-day operational management, efficiency and productivity of a business (any business).

Financial accounting systems are by nature historical, so if management only relies on these systems then they are normally operating in "catch up" mode. Action Management introduces pro-activity and is a system for taking non-financial business initiatives, setting targets, and then tracking the improvements that result. In creating this pro-active management environment, Action Management then permeates through the whole organisation. Action Management focuses on the operational management elements of a business that approaches business improvement in a remarkably simple and logical way.

Action Management can be applied to any size of business. Small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) will see Action Management as a whole-of-business system whereas larger businesses may implement Action Management with a divisional or departmentalized focus that can be later consolidated into an overall Action Management system covering the entire business. For example a larger business may start with the Information Technology function and create Action Management for IT that has an impact right across the business. Action Management can be applied to support any major cross-functional areas of a business.

It is a strong endorsement for Action Management that The Australian National Institute of Accountants are now implementing it to help them run their business better, and are now taking initiatives to introduce it to their 15,000+ members.

Action Management can be applied to any organisation where the CEO wishes to systemize and improve the operational management of the business. It helps the CEO better manage the critical "operational" areas of the business. It also helps all staff better manage and perform in their own day-to-day "actions". Action Management directly aligns all staff actions with those of the business so that staff can not only get a better understanding of the business, but can also see how their own job is making a relevant contribution to the business. Action Management also provides staff access to all of the information and tools they need to do the best job that they can. So Action Management improves business management from both the BUSINESS PROCESS perspective and the PEOPLE perspective.