ACT Physical Activity & Facilities Project

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Wiki created to develop the research project idea.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Aims[edit | edit source]

The project goes directly to the aims of the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program:

  • Supporting projects that promote and facilitate healthy lifestyles and create policies and environments that enable people to enjoy healthier living.
  • Encouraging partnerships that strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities to make healthy choices.

Specifically the project aims to:

Background[edit | edit source]

Two main parts[edit | edit source]

  1. high school based adolescence survey about exercise
  2. creating an online Canberra physical activity facility resource

Physical Activity Survey[edit | edit source]

Information in the survey collected online in the following areas.

  • Background information - age, address, school, other factors limiting exercise (work, socioeconomic?)
  • Physical Activity levels
  • Physical Activity type - school, recreational, communting, sport, other incidental
  • focus on adolescent activities - e.g. sport, cycling, walking, running, skateboarding, climbing, other alternative sports
  • Physical Activity whereabouts if possible
  • awareness of facilities, physical activity opportunities and sporting/recreational organisations
  • Attitudes - factors affecting physical activity (usual), perceived transfer across to other recreational activities, perceived distance travelled, or would travel.

Canberra Facilities Resource[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  1. Evaluate the impact of facilities (taking away, adding)
  2. levaluate the potential cross over to other activities (worthiness of community supporting niche activities)
  3. evaluate the impact of creating the resource on behaviour
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